About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

Founded in 2000, Vertical Vision Technologies (VVT) works with stakeholders and shareholders in facilitating, in guidance and in developing concrete information technology solutions. We bridge gaps and build strong relationships through our creativity and professionalism.

From DevOps Consulting to Managed IT Services to Database Management to Web Application Development, Vertical Vision Technologies covers all your Information Technology needs. Think of us as your CIO, DevOps Consulting, Network Engineer/Administrator, and Web Application Development Team all rolled into one.

Our Skills

DevOps Consulting

Advanced Web Development

Managed IT Services

Database Consulting

Content Management Services


In today's tight economy, more and more small to medium sized businesses are turning to outsourcing as an alternative to retaining full-time employees. When it's done effectively, contracting out ancillary business functions can help cut costs, boost efficiency, and achieve maximum levels of profitability. Plus, you'll benefit from the expertise and dedication of providers specializing in your sector. Our service offerings span a wide range of essential business functions:

DevOps Consulting

Aligning IT and Operaions for success

Advanced Web Development

Architecture, development and support of e-business & web applications

IT Management

IT support for hardware, software, networks, and communication infrastructures

Database Consulting

Database Management of MS SQL Server and My SQL

Project Management

Complete project management services, from conception to completion

IT Implementation

Implementation of software for email, CRM, document sharing, web portals, and content management

When you choose Vertical Vision Technologies for your consulting needs, you'll have the dedication of a company committed to the success of your business.